The Rat Squad
Telling the Truth No Matter the Cost


Welcome to a new dawn in social engineering.

On November 4th 2008 The United States of America took a
giant leap forward in erasing decades of shame for past abuses.

Just as the American Citizen has spoken clearly and with great strength
against the misuse of power that has been taking place in our recent history.

So now The Rat Squad is here to give voice to the citizens who are tired of
being stepped on and ripped off. Not just by the government but by crooks
and scam artists all over who do nothing but pray on those who believe that
all people are inherently good, trustworthy and just.

We are here now to tell the stories. Not just of evil but also of good. We believe
that the truth is more important than anything else and that being a "Rat" doesn't
have to mean telling only the dark side but you can also "Rat Out" the good as well.

So now we are looking for help in telling the truth about our world.

If you know a truth that you would like to make known to a wider audience we
would like to help you get your story told. This can be any truth. A truth that
helps someone to avoid being ripped off. A truth that exposes a lie or a misconception.

But it can also be a truth about overcoming adversity or a truth that points out
something good that someone has done. There are many different truths out there
and we are going to try and bring as many of them to our readers as possible.

Evil and Good are both part of the equation. By exposing both we hope to
help level the playing field against the crooks, scammers and con artists
while at the same time highlighting the successes of those who show
what it is to care about their fellow human beings.

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