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How to Tell AUTHENTIC Shure e4 Series Earphones from Counterfeit.


There are many scam artists out there selling fake copies of Shure e4 Series Earphones.

I am presenting this picture tutorial in order to keep others from being ripped off.

If you are attempting to sell the fakes then you are ripping people off and it is time to stop.

If you are a potential buyer either online or in person please look at your e4s carefully.


The pictures below tell the whole story and when you are done looking at them you will be able to tell
fakes from real without a problem. If you are in doubt send them to Shure.

Click here to go to Shure's web site.

The customer service department has return sheets ready to be filled out and sent in with your earphones.

You will be responsible for shipping costs.

They will let you know if there is a problem if you are still in doubt after reading over this page.


The following information applies to all versions of the e4 series no matter its color or model.

There are more model numbers than any other product I have ever encountered.  e4, e4c, e4g, scl4 etc.
They are all identical except for color.

They come in black, white and grey. I don't have white on display here but you can see a grey one
in the last picture curled into the zippered case.

All Shure e4 series earphones have the characteristics shown in photo #3 and #4. No exceptions.

If anyone from Shure would care to dispute this page please get in touch and I will gladly amend it to
your satisfaction.


Anyone wanting to link to this web page is welcome to do so as long as credit is given.

If you need more detailed images (larger) here is a link to another page of just the
six pictures in 1024X768 .jpg format. They are not too large.

Larger Image Page

Photo #1

Photo # 2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo # 6